Why are numbers of clicks different from visits?


I have just noticed something with my balloons. When I run Facebook ads and I click on history I see there are 800+ clicks. But when I look at my Landing Page it says there are only ~200 visitors. Is this normal to have fewer visitors than clicks? Shouldn’t clicking the link = visit as it leads to the landing page? Or am I missing something?

Hi Vallar,

thanks for taking the time to ask this not so trivial question! A deviation of almost 4x sounds like quite a lot indeed. Let me break down why there is any difference in the first place:

In a nutshell, there are different levels of engagement Facebook considers as “clicks” when it comes to ads. The highest one just tracks every interaction with the ad. That includes likes, comments, shares, profile clicks and finally external link clicks. At the moment we are getting “all clicks” from Facebook, meaning all interactions. But we are considering to switch to “link clicks only” as it will be closer to the metric that most users will finally be interested in, which is landing page visits, and thus will be less confusing. But even when we do this, there will always be a gap between Facebook clicks and landing page visits because users may wander off in-between clicking and actually visiting the page.

Please let us know if you have more questions about this.

Thank you very much. That makes a lot of sense. I visited the Facebook page and saw the numbers and now connected the dots.

I would suggest you keep the system as is but instead make the metrics/analytics tab more fine grained (i.e. 10 clicks; 3 were likes, 5, actual clicks and 2 comments for example). This would be far more helpful than just conversions. This way I know there are 3 people that liked the idea but not enough to actually click to the landing page. I could then maybe based on their language, location or what not edit the ad to try and convert those 3 to actual clicks. If that makes any sense.