What are Balloonary credits?

Balloonary uses a credit system that conveniently and transparently handles ad campaigns that end prematurely.

You can use Balloonary credit that you received to resume previous or create new ad campaigns without needing to go through the payment process again. Here are the most common cases under which you receive credit in Balloonary:

  • You pay for an ad campaign but decide to pause it again before its budget is depleted. You will receive the remainder of your initially payed budget as credit. As mentioned before you can easily use this credit to either resume the same ad campaign again or create a new one.

  • A campaign that you payed for ends too early. Under certain conditions our algorithm might end an ad campaign very briefly before having spent the entire budget. Usually if this happens only a few percent of your initial budget are left unspent. Again, you will receive this remainder as credit.

Credits are associated with your user, so you can use them in all of your projects.