How do I define my audience when generating ad traffic?

Your audience is the people that, you initially think, are the ones that will be interested in your idea the most. With experience and fine-tuning you will eventually be able to define one or multiple “ personas ” to describe with details the different types of clients that you serve.

For now, let’s focus on getting you started.

Depending on the traffic generating service you use you will be prompted to provide keywords for your idea or a profile of potential customers. For example if your idea is to sell organic homemade cactus jam online, your keywords could be: “ organic homemade cactus jam ”, but how many people are looking for this? With Balloonary you can test this. But to increase your traffic and get your idea in front of as many people as possible, you can also test other keywords like “ buy jam online ” , “ organic jam ” , “ homemade strawberry jam ” or use similar wording to that of existing products or competitors.

Sometimes it is important to be very precise if you want to serve an existing dedicated niche, sometimes it is better to target a more general market with a new or alternative product. Get creative, the aim is to fine-tune your idea through various iterations…

If now we take the same idea, but you are prompted to provide a profile of your ideal customer, think about who the person is that will be paying for your product or service. How would you describe the person? E.g. a potential customer profile for “ organic homemade cactus jam ” could be 30 to 45 year-old, health-conscious men and women from countries that already use cactus in their diet. What else do you know about your ideal customer? Again, you may not know right away, but that’s where Balloonary is here to help you with by testing them out.