Day 4 - Adding the Pricing Section

Your Balloonary objective for Day 4 is to add the Pricing Section and the Competitor Section to your Landing Page.

The aim of the Pricing section is twofold:

  1. It tells your visitor how much they can expect to pay for your solution/product/service.

  2. It forces you to think hard about how you are going to make money with your business at a price point that is financially sustainable for the growth of your business.

Various business models that you can consider depending on your solution/product/service and your customer segment (B2B, B2C, C2B or C2C) are:

  • Direct Sales (at fixed or variable price)
  • Subscriptions (monthly or yearly)
  • Freemium (usage/content/feature…based pricing)
  • Franchise

The aim of the Competitor section is to show your visitors how your solution is different or superior to the competition.


  1. To add the Pricing section to your Landing Page, select the Landing Page tab in the Page Builder, then click on the Page Settings icon in the left menu bar: image

  2. Select ADD SECTION, and choose Pricing from the pop-up window

  1. To reorder or delete the Pricing section, just hover over the section that you want to reorder (left button) or delete (right button) in the Page Settings menu.

  2. You can add or edit more elements to the Pricing section e.g. add or delete elements using the context menu that appears next to the section image and of course add a picture or company logo and adjust the star rating according to your findings.