Day 3 - Evaluating Survey Results And Adding the Testimonial Section

Your Balloonary objective for Day 3 is to add the Testimonials Section to your Landing Page.

Before we head to the Survey results and add the Tesimonials section, go to your Dashboard and see if your Campaign attracted any visitors.



In the case of the screenshot above, the numbers mean that 19 people visited your Landing Page, 3 left their email addresses, went to your Survey, (hopefully answered all the questions) and 3 validated the survey to get to your Thank You Page.

You can also hover over the numbers to show the conversion rate from one component to another, i.e. the % of people who proceeded from your Landing Page to your Survey. The bigger the percentage, the better.

The numbers are a first indicator that you have distributed your Landing Page effectively to a large audience.


In your Campaign view, click Responses in the menu bar on the left.

This is where you will find the detailed Responses to your Survey from your visitors for your evaluation.

You can display the responses either By Questions or By User. Use both options to get a better understanding of what the data means.

In case you get a lot of responses, you can also download them for further processing.


If you managed to get some Survey responses, this also means that users left their email through your Landing Page’s Call-to-Action. Those email addresses are valuable because they will allow you to contact the visitor for further investigation and interviewing. Maybe you got responses that you did not understand in your Survey, or you have more questions. Contact your leads via email and kindly ask for a telephone or conference call to investigate further and get valuable information to fine-tune your idea. Tell them that you are a student participating in the Ideation Camp from the University. Most will be happy to help, but if they do not, stay polite, say thank you and move on. Never spam potential leads!

In your Campaign, click Leads in the menu bar on the left.


Hopefully you got nice validation for your idea via your Survey and follow-up interviews. The Testimonials section that you are required to add to your Landing Page as part of the Ideation Camp is there to showcase your best quotes in an easy way to further make your idea compelling to visitors of your Landing Page.

Just make sure you get consent if you publish any names of people or companies or make sure to anonymize them correctly, but obviously getting consent and using real references gives your idea more credibility!


  1. To add the Testimonials section to your Landing Page, select the Landing Page tab in the Page Builder, then click on the Page Settings icon in the left menu bar:


  1. Select ADD SECTION and choose Testimonials from the pop-up window


  1. To reorder or delete the Testimonials section, just hover over the section that you want to reorder (left button) or delete (right button) in the Page Settings menu.


  1. You can add or edit more elements to the Testimonials section e.g. adding or delete testimonials using the context menu that appears next to the section image and of course add a picture or company logo, and adjust the star rating according to your findings.