Day 1 - Getting Started: Sign Up And Collaborate On Your Project


Open the email you received from the programme organizer and click on the invitation link to sign-up on

:loudspeaker: ALWAYS log in via IC.BALLOONARY.IO
(The Ideation Camp uses a custom branch of Balloonary.)

Follow the on-screen instructions



Following the on-boarding via the invitation should open your team’s project.

Alternatively, in the top left corner of the dashboard click on the drop down-list, go to OPEN PROJECTS and select your team’s project.

Your Campaign Overview shows your campaign(s) with the Share Link to your campaign landing page. (This is also where you can copy/paste the link that looks like so: image to share with potential customers. )

Now click on OPEN to see your marketing funnel of your campaign** . By default, it is composed of a Landing Page, a Survey, and a Thank You Page . In other words, it is the path that your visitors will follow when they engage with your Landing Page.

In the campaign view you can:

  • Have access to the Page Builder
  • See how many people have visited your Landing Page and how many have proceeded to the Survey and Thank You Page
  • Access the list of emails you collected through your Landing Page’s Call-to-Action (click on Leads)
  • See the results from your Survey (click on Responses)
  • See more detailed analytics (click on Insights)

Now click on the Landing Page component of your marketing funnel to open the Page Builder.