BYOI 7. Facebook versus Google Ads: Which one should I use?

Although Google Ads and Facebook Ads are often positioned as competitors, nothing could be further from the truth in a practical sense. Many businesses are leveraging the strengths of advertising on Google and Facebook Ads at the same time for a good reason.

The main difference is how products and services are shown to consumers on both platforms. Facebook shows ads to users based on their interests, while Google shows relevant ads to those who are specifically searching for a product.

Google Ads helps you find new customers, while Facebook helps new customers to find you.

The advantages of Google Ads

Google is the dominant search engine without any doubt. Their power is to connect potential customers with your ads at the right moment when they are in the mood to search and buy a solution. This is really critical and has an impact on the conversion rate (the rate of success of an ad) of an ad in general. So you need to ask yourself, is your product or service something that people usually search for on Google? How many people are searching for similar products and services and what kind of keywords are they likely to use to get the results they want. If the answer is yes, you have a good chance to drive some valuable traffic to your website with Google Ads.

The advantages of Facebook Ads

Facebook on the other hand is a very popular social platform. Their strength is to have access to an enormous range of people around the globe. If you know what type of person your customers are, what interests they have, what age group they belong to and where they live, then Facebook will help you to let them know that your product or service exist. They are maybe not directly in a buying mood but you have a fair chance to arouse interest.

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