BYOI 7.1 Facebook Ads : Setting up and Managing a Campaign

In the framework of the Build Your Own Internship Programme, you are required to launch a Facebook or Google campaign to drive traffic to your landing page. This article will show you how to do this.


You first need to make sure that you have added the Facebook Ad component in your Marketing Funnel. If not, just hit the Funnel Edit button and drag the component into the Funnel or see article Nr 3 of the user guide for more information.

Next you save your Funnel and you navigate to Facebook Ad editor by clicking the component.


The editor is based on 4 core elements:

  1. The Channel is where you link your Facebook account and Page
  2. The Content contains the claims and the image assets
  3. The Targeting regroups the characteristics of the audience you want to reach
  4. The Budget defines how much you want to spend and for how long

Step 1. Channel

You should create a dedicated Facebook Page with your idea and connect it to Balloonary.

Just click Edit, connect your account and Save.


Step 2. Content

To create the actual ad you need to fill in the following parts:

  • The Message ad text, which shows up above the image or video is the first thing that users see and it is the most important part. It is meant to tell people what your ad is about. We recommend 125 characters or less. Here is an example image
  • The Image . The recommended size of a Facebook Feed ad is 1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • The Headline should inform the customer about your unique selling point. Ideally it will be just 5 words long. An example could be " Subscribe for $1 a Week ” or “ Award-Winning Reading for Only $1 a Week ”.
  • The Description , also called link description , gives you up to 150 more characters to give additional information and details about your product or service offer and describes what users will gain access to by clicking through. Check out this Dropbox ad as an example and inspiration.

Step 3. Targeting

  • Set the Location , which allows you to target people in a specific city, region or country
  • Add Interests and hobbies of the people you want your ad to reach. Facebook will provide you with pre-defined interests that you can select from. You just need to search and select.
  • Choose your audience based on Age and Gender

Step 4. Budget

In order to launch your ad, you need to define your ad budget and the number of days that your ad should run.

In the framework of the Build Your Own Internship Programme, your team will get a real EUR ad budget. This budget is for Facebook Ads and/or Google Ads.

Based on the Targeting and by choosing an ad budget and a number of days, during which the campaign should run, Balloonary will tell you how many people you can potentially reach . This is of course an estimate based on Facebook data.


Launching, Stopping and Resuming a campaign

Next, you can hit the LAUNCH AD button on the top right.


Every ad launched from Balloonary will first go through an internal Balloonary review process and then through a Facebook review process.

You can stop your campaign at any moment. Any unspent budget will be saved as ad credits for your next runs. If you want to resume your campaign you just need to launch it again. The various runs will be saved in the campaign history that you find under the Budget section.

The campaign history gives you a summary over when the runs have been performed, their performances in terms of impressions or clicks, and the individual budgets spent.

Before you launch your ad …

Before you launch your ad, make sure that you know the rules and policies of Facebook in order to avoid getting your ads blocked either by Balloonary or by Facebook.

We recommend to have a look at the various topics that are not allowed with Facebook Ads, which is summarized in this article:

Advertising Policies

Good luck!