BYOI 1. Getting Started: Sign Up And Join Your Project


Open the email you received from the programme organizer and click on the invitation link to sign-up on

Follow the on-screen instructions



Following the on-boarding via the invitation should open your team’s project.

Alternatively, in the top left corner of the dashboard click on the drop down-list, go to OPEN PROJECTS and select your team’s project.

The main view of your Dashboard shows the marketing funnel of your project’s balloon(s) or Test Balloon(s) . By default, it is composed of a Landing Page, a Survey, and a Thank You Page . In other words, it is the path that your visitors will follow when they engage with your Landing Page.

The Dashboard is your command station.
From here you:

  • Have access to the Page Builder
  • See how many people have visited your Landing Page and how many have proceeded to the Survey and Thank You Page
  • Access the list of emails you collected through your Landing Page’s Call-to-Action (click on Leads)
  • See the results from your Survey (click on Responses)
  • See more detailed analytics (click on Insights)
  • Find your Share Link to your Test Balloon (click on the link that looks like so: image )
  • See the status of your Test Balloon (PUBLISH vs LIVE)

Now click on the Balloon Logo in the top left corner and then on the Landing Page component of your Project’s Balloon to open the Page Builder.