About the Ideation Camp and Balloonary

The Ideation Camp is a 5 day learning-by-doing program with workshops in which students work in cross-disciplinary teams to tackle challenges, come up with solutions and assess and present their ideas.

Balloonary.io is an automated marketing tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses to launch ideas, test and launch marketing campaigns, and convert new leads, all from within one neat place. For ease-of-use, Balloonary has created a custom version for the Ideation Camp (ic.balloonary.io), but feel free to explore Balloonary on your own time for your other projects after the Camp.

Use the following guidelines to:

  • Get started and sign-up your team on ic.balloonary.io for the Ideation Camp
  • Learn how to use Balloonary to create and publish your landing page and achieve your daily milestones
  • Get hints on advanced settings
  • Find help if you get stuck using Balloonary